Glenn Salyers

A Wolferman/Sanders/Hensel/Betancourt/Salyers joint

Name: Glenn Salyers
Age: 25
Hometown: South Bend, IN
Other sponsors: Redline, Profile Racing

Where are you living right now – have you lived there for a long time?
I’m living in South Bend Indiana right now. I’ve been living here for about two years…

What’s the scene there like?
The scene is pretty good here since we built The Kitchen. So many kids are getting really good now.

What’s it like riding at the Kitchen then – and have you helped build stuff there?
The Kitchen is fun, it’s big and fast. I actually moved here just to help build the park then I stuck around. Since I help build things at the park I get to make new things and move stuff around to make new fun set-ups.

You ride a helmet most of the time, including street – what’s your take on that?
Wearing a helmet is always a good idea, Especially when you’re doing big / scary stuff. Better safe than sorry…

Where’s your favourite place to ride?
Well, I don’t really have a favorite place to ride. I always like to ride new things so I’m always looking for new set ups to do things on.

What’s your take on the big contests right now? Do you enter any?
There aren’t that many big contests in the States right now – I enter them when I can go to them.

What’s it like on the Redline team?
The Redline team is awesome – we all have fun with each other and trips are always a good time. I haven’t got any custom set ups, but they use our input on products.

They go back to the dawn of time – have you got any old-school Redline parts for example?
Not yet, but it would be sweet to get some!

What’s your current bike set-up like?
Right now my bike is like a monster truck, hahaha. I have really big tires, four long pegs, four hub guards, big bars, and a bash guard sprocket. I could land on any part of my bike and it wouldn’t matter.

What other projects do you have on the go?
I recently got a new camera so I’ll be doing a lot of filming with me and my Everest crew friends.

Have you got any travel plans in the future?
I will be going the Seattle, Washington, area at some point this year with Redline. I’ve been to the Seattle airport but that’s it, so I’m excited to get to ride my bike around that area.